Grammar Checkers for Writing Assignments in Math Classes

For the past few years there has been lots of talk about including writing assignments in college math courses. Writing assignments have been part of my teaching for many years now, including calculus labs, QL classes, MathCEP professional problems, and the much feared UMTYMP Calc 3 project. Writing in math classes is tremendously valuable because it is the one of the […]

Recent reading

We recently had a (small) in-person LIMIT institute meeting, and a big topic of discussion was Making Math. This is a company that came out of the work UIUC has been doing in online and distance math education, discussed briefly in a previous post. I owe you all a longer write-up about this. If you’re […]

As form changes, does function?

Today a few observations on journals and tech: Scholastica is a company promising easy easy open-access journal publishing and management. Seems like a lot of law reviews use it currently. I like the pricing scheme, at $10 for each submission — this is something even a grad student can afford by planning ahead a week or […]