Interactive math exploration: RSK and other combinatorics

For a year and a half I have been musing about what kinds of technological experimentation with pure math concepts could be truly different on a smartphone or tablet, as opposed to ye old piece of paper, and combinatorial games that check for mistakes are one of the things I’ve come up with. I want to implement some. But I am not a stellar programmer or a UX professional.

But I keep an eye out for this kind of interactive math, and I found something! It is so cool! Check out Lauren K. Williams’ Javascript applets at her webpage at Mercyhurst College, and her RSK app for iPad. It’s along the lines of what I would love to do, and elegant and pretty. It is so cool.

That’s all.

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  1. Emily Gunawan

    That’s really cool! Also, I didn’t know you write a math blog – I’ll be reading more! 🙂

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