Some math ed tech links

Check out Hypernom, the new 4-D math game from Vi Hart and partners in (crime?) Andrea Hawksley (AH) and Henry Segerman. It’s pretty crazy — and beautiful. Nom nom nom. I can’t believe I missed this for so long. I got the link from a post on MathMunch, which is itself a very fun blog on math.

Hypernom and both make the marriage of math and computer graphics so cool….

I went to MathMunch today because I’ve been reading a bit about creating intellectual need in students. Today I read a post on Locked Doors, Headaches, and Intellectual Need, which linked to some earlier discussion happening at the blog dy/dan. So I checked out Dan Meyers’ more recent post and happened on Classkick Defeats The Mind-Reading Math Robots, which made me think of this blog. This post is about using the Classkick software to provide written feedback to students as they work through problems on their iPads. This seems really useful! It’s actually using tech to provide something that couldn’t be done before, rather than simply changing the medium of a traditional teaching method and making it more expensive.

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